TP-LINK Repeater setup

Tp Link offers wide range of Extenders that resolves the weak signal issues that routers fail to cover. Let say if the main router is reaching up to 30 feet radius, connecting a range extender to the network can further extend the network by another 30 feet.

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Tp Link Extenders are designed as per the area to be covered starting from N150 the WI-FI speed can go up to AC1900. 

Tp Link provides very easy to connect Extenders that help users with no technical background can still configure it. There are three ways to connect the extender to the network.

Tether App

First, place the extender near the router after a few seconds when the power light turns from blinking to solid blue color use a phone or a tablet to download the Tether App. from the Application Store given by the Phone manufacturer like Play Store .After the downloading the application connect the phone to the new ‘Tp Link Extender’ name in the WI-FI list. Now run the Tether app. and tap on the new extender device detected on the phone screen. The rest of the process is simple and mostly automated. The application detects the main network router you want to extend and prompts for a password for you main WI-FI. As the Tp Link Extender comes with two frequencies of wireless network the 2G and 5G and if your router is also compatible for both the frequencies the Tether application will repeat the process of connecting to both the network one by one.


Further it will take you through the process of personalizing the extended network names and password of your choice. It is recommended to the have difference in name in between the main WI-FI and extender at least by a letter or a number. After the success message of setup now it is time to relocate the extender towards the direction we get weak signals almost half way is the best. Try not to plug it very close to an electronic device or an item that interfere the signals. Check the signal strength light or sign on the extender should be at least 70 percent or blue in some cases to get better connectivity.


All the extender comes with the WPS setup option. Where initially we plug the extender somewhere near to the router (not more than 10 feet) and simultaneously pressing the WPS button first on the router for 3-5 seconds and same way on the Extender end.


Browser Setup

Using any wireless capable computer connect to the Tp Link extender name showing up in the list. Now open any browser and open the URL www.tplinkrepeater.net that welcomes you the setup page. First apply the password for accessing the extender page in future and then follow same process of setup as in Tether app. that is choosing the WI-FI name from the list to connect the extender to and then further personalizing it with name and password of your choice. You can even hardwire the extender to the computer with an Ethernet cable if wireless is not an option.

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