TP-Link Extender Setup Page

If your Wi-Fi signal has trouble reaching every room or if you have a home with thick walls where Wi-Fi signal can’t penetrate then you can set up a TP-Link extender which reaches to the places where your router wifi can’t. TP-Link extender acts a signal booster and also gives your network a wide range. Setting up TP-Link extender is a straightforward process and on the TP-Link wifi extender setup page, you can make desired changes to your extender and manage your extender.

How to access TP-Link extender setup page?

To configure the settings of the TP-Link extender setup, you need to follow some instructions. Those instructions are given below; make sure you follow them step by step.

1.Power on your extender

Plug your TP-Link extender into an electrical outlet near your router or access point and power it on.

2.Connect to the extender

Click on the Wi-Fi icon and connect to the network of your extender TP-LINK_EXTENDER_XXXXXX

3.Log into your extender

  • Power on your laptop or any device and launch a web browser. Now, type in the address of the browser and press ‘Enter’ key.
  • Enter the login details when a login window appears. Use ‘admin’ in lowercase in both the fields (Username and Password.)
  • Now, click ‘Login’ to access the TP-Link wifi extender setup page.

4.Configure your extender

  • Once you are logged into your TP-Link extender setup page, create an account for secure management purpose and click ‘Confirm’ to move forward.
  • Now, select your routers’ 2.4GHz Network and enter its wireless password and then press ‘Ok.’
  • In the next step, you can change the SSID of your extender for 2.4GHz extended network and click ‘Next.’
  • In the final step, verify the ‘Wireless Settings’ and click ‘Save.’
  • Check for ‘Red’ LED on the extender.

What to do if Red LED does not light up at the end of the setup process?

If red LED doesn’t light up after completion of the setup process, make sure you check the following things.

  • You may have entered the wrong wifi password of the host network while configuring the extender. Log in to the extender and check the password, and then try again.
  • The extender may be out of range, therefore try moving extender closer to the router.
  • You can also try resetting the extender to factory default settings. After resetting the extender, go through the whole process again and check if the red LED lights up this time or not. Most of the problems with your extender can be solved by simply resetting it to factory default settings.

What to do if you Can’t access tplink extender setup page?

The following reasons may restrict you from accessing tplink extender setup page.

Cause and solutions:

Check your connection

Make sure that the TP-Link extender is properly plugged into a wall outlet. Also, check that your laptop or PC is connected to extender’s wifi.

Wrong domain name

Make sure you have entered the correct domain name. The default name to log into TP-Link extender is You can also use192.168.0.254. Also, make sure you have entered the domain name in the address bar of the browser, not in the search bar.

Upgrade the Firmware

Many times you Can’t access tplink extender setup page because the firmware version of your extender is too old and outdated. Make sure you update the firmware version of your extender. Download the latest firmware from TP-Link official site.

 Reset to factory defaults

If you are unable to log in to your TP-Link extender then you try to reset your extender. To reset your extender, with the extender powered on, use a sharp object like a pin or paperclip to press the ‘Reset’ button until all the LEDs flash once. After a few seconds, release the button and wait for the range extender to reboot to its factory default settings. Now, you can try accessing the web interface by using the default web address or

In Conclusion:

This was all about TP-Link wifi extender setup page and how to access TP-Link extender setup page. If you have any more queries regarding TP-Link wifi extender setup, you can get in touch with us. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are experts in topics related to extenders and routers. To get connected with them, you can place a call on their toll-free number.